I never got to see my idols not even american idols and i didn’t die. So i don’t understand why people have to go to the airport just to see exo board a fucking plane. People can be dead and you care more about exo who are alive and breathing than people that are suffering under the cold water?…


Danwon High School Vice principal suicides.

His will says ; “Parents, students, school, parents of my students, Education office, and all, I’m so sorry. It’s too hard for me to be alive alone, when we do not know life or death of 200 students. Please cremate my body & throw the ashes to where the accident happen. I will be teaching the students in after life.”

Ahhhhh…… This is not it…. this is really not the way. He wasn’t the fault…. A selfish though of a person created so much death of innocence. The vice principal was really a great teacher, who actually cared for the students. My heart aches so bad

 Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry

Stay Strong Korea.

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i was just feelin myself today u feel me


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